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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

Simple click the Join Now button and fill in your details.  Your application will be reviewed very quickly and we will get you started in the program!

Do I receive support?

Our dedicated affiliate team will assist you to help make your affiliate campaign as successful as possible!


How do I get Paid?

Our payments are made to your bank account on the 3rd Thursday of each month for the commissions due from the previous month.

How do I know how I'm tracking?

We provide you with an up to-date 24/7 access online portal to see how many clicks and signups as well as the performance of your account (revenue, commission, etc).

How long do I get paid for?

We pay affiliates for the lifetime of an active agreement!

How is commission calculated??

For revenue share programs, you receive a percentage of Net Revenue. Net Revenue is calculated as follows:

Gross Revenue (Bets less winnings)

less Promotional Free Bet Winnings

less Admin Fees (turnover taxes, card deposits)

less Fraud/Chargebacks



How can I market Mad Bookie?

You can use your web site or social media page to market us. We can discuss your other marketing and acquisition options when you join!

How do you know I signed up a customer?

We provide you with a unique URL that's tagged to all your media which tracks all signups!

What media will you provide?

We have a range of HTML5 and static banners (standard sizes) available in the affiliate portal